Philosophy, Knowledge, God and Existence

Philosophy, Knowledge, God and Existence

This group is the field where debates of general philosophical issues are taking place

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    Rules-Read first

    Post by Ean on Mon Jul 11, 2016 6:39 pm

    This debate-oriented forum is for the discussion of philosophical ideas that can be backed up with some sort of thoughtful logic and reasoning or else, arguments.If you choose to post in this forum be prepared to have your ideas and opinions challenged, refuted, disputed, rebutted, analyzed, shredded, pooh-poohed, and yes - even supported. If having your beliefs, opinions, and positions scrutinized critically makes you uncomfortable, this is not the forum for you.

    For the purposes of a civil discussion, there are a simple rule for posting in this forum:

    No flaming. Generally, we are not attacking people, we are attacking ideas. If you can't state your case or refute someone else's case without calling him/her "stupid" or an "idiot" don't post here. This forum is for intelligent discussion, not for belittling someone who holds differing opinions. This rule will be strictly enforced. If you have been warned already you will receive a ban, if you continue to flame you will be banned permanently. Choose your words wisely or suffer the consequences.

    If you have any questions please contact the admins. Thank you   farao

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